I made a reverse job board for developers

Zain Butt
2 min readDec 26, 2023
devtree homepage

Hey everyone,

I am Zain, an indiehacker from Pakistan.

I was laid off from my job last year and was frustrated to find another job. I applied on several jobs on dozens of job boards only to be ghosted or rejected.

This experience made me realise how much time and energy it takes, how many times we need to write the cover letters and manually add our details every time even when we upload our resume, so I decided to change this.

That’s why I built devtree, where you are in control. For this project I used what I know the best, Ruby on Rails and took a chance to learn Hotwire and tailwindCSS and let me tell you its been worth it. On top of tailwind I used daisyUI to get component based classes.

I bootstrapped my startup so cost savings is fundamental, I relied on heroku’s free tier but that was not an option since they moved to paid only plans. So, I searched for an alternative and found fly.io.

I run three instances their which includes my web app, background worker and database all for free.

The app allows the developers to choose a username, add projects/links, build a testimonial page, add skills, work preferences and personal details. Using this data they can create a portfolio or proof of work site which is easily shareable using their usernames as it contains all their work in one place.

If you are a developer and tired of applying to every other job and still getting no results, head on to devtree.

I will write more about technical stuff in separate posts about different design decisions and integrations. So, stay tuned.

👉🏻 check the app here: devtree
👉🏻 you can find me here: devtree/zain